Our Dismal Housing Choices


by Chris Poindexter

You have a lot of choices in the U.S. housing market; you can choose between many overpriced, poorly built homes and many overpriced poorly built apartments. Due to the way we’ve structured government housing support, most construction is still sticks and gypsum which, in my opinion, is one step above cardboard. Then the real estate industry takes that shabby construction and puts a premium price tag on it. Yay, free market!

In the beginning My House Has Wheels was all about a better way of living. As time went on MHHW became a statement about our dysfunctional housing options. Living in an RV didn’t turn out to be just about mobility, it also became a housing option that offered many improvements over what we have available to us today.

This is a sad thing to point out but in Mexico there’s a new housing option called a Box House. The two bedroom design comes in just under 1,200 square feet and the design is not going to be on the cover of Better Homes & Gardens anytime soon. As the name implies the design is just a series of boxes. A concrete block box next to a smaller box and the second floor is box on top of a box. It may not sound like much but the basic two-bedroom structure can be built for around $11,600, less than the cost of many travel trailers. The design is meant to be easy to build for anyone understanding the basics of construction.

These plastic fridge braces keep liquids from sliding around in your fridge while you're on the road. Click on the picture for more details.

These plastic fridge braces keep liquids from sliding around in your fridge while you’re on the road. Click on the picture for more details.

The designs for the Box House include step-by-step instructions for building it, complete with pictures and illustrations. The design is simple, durable, energy efficient and inexpensive. The truly sad thing about the Box House is how badly we need an option like that here in América Del Norte and how little chance we have of getting it. At least for the foreseeable future, the status quo in housing is pretty dug in.

That means that people will continue to explore RV living as an option that provides mobility and travel. Along the way they’ll discover that it’s also an awesome way to live. Because they have closer contact with their neighbors, they’ll figure out they don’t have to be afraid of them. That closer contact and social mixing is one of the surprise benefits of mobile living. Million dollar RVs will routinely be parked next to campers of more modest means. Each side of that economic divide will discover that the other really isn’t so bad.

If you are exploring RV living because it looks fun and you like to travel, you’re making a good choice. You will travel and have a lot of fun. Along with all that travel and fun you’ll also discover what a crappy deal traditional housing in America really has become.

On an unrelated note, I’m sorry I haven’t been posting as often lately as I’ve been wrapping up my first fiction book, which should be on sale at Amazon in a couple months. People who like action/adventure type novels seem to enjoy it and I’m looking forward to seeing how it’s received.

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