Mobility Key To An Endless Summer

When hurricanes threaten, drive away.

One of the absolutely best perks of living in an RV, camper or vandwelling is being able to go where the weather is awesome. Imagine an entire year of perfect weather. If it does get stormy or dangerous, you can pack up and be on your way to safety in just a couple hours.

Here in Florida the summer heat is in full swing and it’s not even the end of May. The low temperature on Tuesday is forecast to be 77 degrees. That’s the low temperature and we usually hit that around 5:00 am. And it’s going to get worse. By August and September the low…again I’m talking LOW…for the day can be between 80 and 85. Can you imagine waking up at zero-dark-thirty and it’s already 85. Yeah, buddy, welcome to the tropics in the summer. I’m sitting here looking with envy at the early summer temps just outside Boulder, Colorado, where the high temperature today will be close to 70. It’s 89 on its way to 92 here in South Florida. Yee-ha.

A sewage hose tray is an absolute necessity for ensuring that emptying your waste tank is a stress free process.

It’s no coincidence that with temps that high the National Weather Service is predicting a record hurricane season. If we do get a big one coming off the Atlantic with water temperatures this warm, we could see storm surge three or four miles inland in some places. We’ll have boats washed up on I-95. The damage would be spectacular.

When you live mobile, a natural disaster is never a concern. You can just go somewhere else. Easy.

The advantage to mobile living is being able to get away from the heat and the hurricanes, or tornadoes if you live in the Midwest. When it’s snowy and cold up north, the population of Florida nearly doubles in some places over the winter. The entire southern part of the US gets crowded. All the same, it doesn’t take a space much bigger than a standard parking spot for an RV or camper. It may be crowded but when you don’t need a lot of space, who cares?. Every camping spot looks pretty much the same when your day shades are down.

Mobility is an advantage in life and, if you have the freedom to move around, threats from the sky don’t really concern you. Your whole life can be a perfect, endless summer.

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