We Found Our Camper Couch (and it’s not brown)

This is supposed to be our camper couch, provided we don’t decide to keep it for the house. Notice, RV manufacturers, that it’s NOT DARK BROWN!!! ZOMG, RV furniture that isn’t brown. Radical.

We found our camper couch at Costco and it’s not brown. While various shades of white and vanilla are not unusual in high end coaches, it seems like all the furniture in the low end of the camper spectrum is universally boring dark brown. I’m sure RV manufacturers would tell you that they go with brown so your camper couch doesn’t show age or dirt as well. My guess would be that it’s because it’s easier to match a color scheme when all the furniture is the same color. You can buy materials in greater quantity by standardizing the basic color palette.

We picked this couch because it’s lightweight but comfortable. It’s what is commonly called a klick-clack because of a mechanism inside that lets it fold flat. The two options for the couch were building a frame and buying cushions or just buying one. Buying one was cheaper, faster and easier. And it’s much nicer than anything I could have built. The only engineering I’ll have to do is modifying the back corner so it fits around the wheel wells. I’ll also have to work out some way to slide it out from the wall a little on those odd times we want to fold it flat as a bed. For storage we’ll just get flat plastic boxes that slide underneath.

Another nifty feature this couch has is internal wiring for two 110 volt plugs on the side which also has two USB charging ports. I can, literally, wire the couch right to the electrical system and get two extra plugs and phone chargers. Nice.

With the bed, the couch and the kitchen sink on one side, it’s going to be pretty crowded on the passenger side of the trailer. Since everything I’m building is light, it shouldn’t be a problem from a weight standpoint. So far there’s been a cost-effective and weight-conscious alternative we could buy for everything I was going to build.

We have an electric burner for the camper kitchen but we’ll probably do most of our cooking outside over a burner like this.

Costco has been the source for two of our camper components which include the refrigerator and the couch. We’re also looking at a Costco memory foam queen mattress, though it’s a little expensive. A lighter, cheaper mattress with a memory foam cover would probably work just as well.

I’m getting professional help to install the electrical system and major plumbing components and after that all we need is a coffee maker and microwave. We’ve found many workable storage solutions to replace heavy kitchen cabinets and the dining table.

Right now, the biggest building project seems to be the kitchen counter, which is also where the water heater is going. Almost had a winner at the Habitat Eco store yesterday, a tall, plain table that was just a little too narrow. If I would have been thinking I could have bought it to practice cutting the hole for the sink and the faucets. Maybe have used it in the bathroom if I did a good job.

I’m still planning on three months before it’s travel ready. I’ll post back with build pictures so you can see how it’s going.

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