Four Awesome Things About Mobile Living

You can live in an RV park and it’s awesome.

The work continues on our cargo trailer to camper conversion and it’s going well. Now that we’re a couple weeks of chasing water leaks away from actually going camping again, I started remembering why mobile living is such a luxury.

None of these four have anything to do with actual traveling. That is just a value added bonus and not everyone lives mobile in order to travel.

It’s Much Less Expensive

Housing prices are crazy and associated costs of traditional housing have continued to inflate at an insane rate. Meanwhile, when it comes to mobile living, the daily rate at a decent campground is about $35 a day. That’s $1,050 a month and that includes water, sewer, electric, cable, and sometimes WiFi. Try to find even a cheap apartment for that rate. For that money you’ll also get nighttime security, a pool, clubhouse, and a shower and laundry facility. That’s the daily rate. When paying monthly, seasonally, or yearly you can lower that cost considerably. Campers can take advantage of wilderness camping and staying on BLM land to reduce those costs even further, if they’re willing to put up with a bit of extra work and lack of amenities. Personally, I like amenities.

Vandwellers, the most extreme of low-cost alternatives, can reduce that figure to near zero in many cases. The lifestyle can be difficult but people who adopt it are able to save a lot of money.

Neighbors Are Less Of a Problem

There are lots of great outdoor cooking tools but few beat the one that’s been around for generations. The basic two-burner Coleman stove.

If you don’t like the neighbors, you can move. Or they will. Good or bad, the one thing you can count on at RV parks and campgrounds is turnover. Sure, you might get some rowdy neighbors here and there but most campgrounds have quiet time rules that usually kick in around 9 or 10 at night. That really depends on the park but moving is pretty easy and you always have that option. Just the fact that you’re not trapped next to people you don’t get along with can make the occasional indiscretions easier to tolerate.

Lawn Care – What Is This Strange Thing?

I’m constantly amazed how much time people spend on lawn maintenance. Mowing, watering, trimming, edging, and then blowing away all the evidence. All that work for something that’s mostly decoration. It all seems so old fashioned, like watching reruns of Leave It To Beaver. One of the great things about RV living is not needing to worry about maintaining anything other than your camper. You can’t let your campsite get cluttered but it doesn’t take long to keep an area the size of most driveways clean. You don’t realize how much time you spend on those things until you don’t have to do them.

The Hotel Industry Can Bite Me

Not all hotels are a ripoff but the corporate giants are taking a page from the airline industry and charging fees for everything. Campgrounds can’t get away with that. If their customers get mad enough, they can drive their RV to the nearest Walmart or Cracker Barrel and spend a night there while looking for another campground. That’s the advantage of bringing your room with you. All those horror stories about maids putting dirty glasses back in wrappers, not actually changing the sheets, bed bugs, and roaches are no longer a concern. You sleep in your own bed, drink from your own glasses. You can have real coffee and you don’t get charged $6.00 for the soda in your fridge.

Maybe I should be grateful to the hospitality industry. If they hadn’t started ripping travelers off I might not have gotten the itch to build another camper.

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