Ownership RV Parks – Buying Your Campsite

Now this is my idea of RV living.

Imagine if you will a world that’s the best possible combination of an RV space and a house. Imagine also that this fantasy living space is affordable, with even the most extravagant examples selling for under $150,000. You can park your RV or camper right outside the door of your house and be inside when it suits you or you can live in your RV when it feels right.

If that sounds like an awesome lifestyle, then you might want to look into an ownership RV park. Ownership parks, most often organized as condominiums, are a housing option for many people that combines the best parts of living in a house with the best parts of RV living.

This Is Not Camping

Some of the sites are just basic RV spaces.

I don’t intend to try and standardize the definition of camping, but this is more like organized RV living. The “campsite” is basically an extra-wide driveway with RV hookups on one side. The “house” isn’t technically a home at all. At least here in Florida, these side rooms include a kitchen, bathroom, washer/dryer, and a screen porch but no bedroom and are limited to 400 square feet. ‘

In truth most of them have either a Murphy bed or hide-a-bed and people cheat and sleep in them all the time. The reason they’re not considered “real” houses is these side rooms, called either a Florida room or executive suite, are below the minimum square feet the county says you need to qualify for an occupancy permit.

The Great Outdoors

This is called a “port” site. Basically a big roof over your entire RV site. This also has an executive suite.

The ownership park we gravitate to is The Great Outdoors RV Resort in Titusville, Florida. Originally built on the Eckard’s family private hunting preserve, TGO is an ownership RV park in the middle of a nature preserve. The development is a mix of plain RV sites, RV sites with “ports” which are large roofs over the site, and sites that have an executive suite. Some sites have both a port and executive suite, those can be quite expensive. TGO also has a variety of houses that range from those just large enough to qualify for an occupancy permit, up to multi-million dollar castles.

All these various housing options coexist in the same huge community and the residents pay condo

Sparky enjoys Doggie World, an amenity that’s strictly for the dogs.

dues to support common amenities. And, wow, the amenities which include tennis courts, a golf course, driving range, three pools, a gym, community center, post office, two restaurants, an RV dealer and service center. You’ll feel safe with uniformed security at the front gate and uniformed patrols inside the park. The park supplies lawn service and both a water and waste water processing plant. All those amenities come with the thrifty price tag of just $200 a month in maintenance dues. That’s a bargain.

Kids Allowed But…

You can live at TGO with kids, nine families do, but it’s not a kid friendly community and that is

These camp rockers are excellent for just hanging out.

by design. Your kids can’t ride their bikes or play in the neighborhood streets without being accompanied by a resident adult. Your kids can’t go anywhere or use amenities by themselves. Security will pick them up and parents will face fines. While that may seem draconian to parents, that’s the way the community wants it. TGO is an adult playground and that’s why people move there.

But Bring Your Dog

While kids are not welcomed with open arms, your dog will be. That includes large breeds like German Shepherds. Not only is TGO pet friendly, it boasts a huge fenced area with water and dog toys called Doggie World. There are also special pet trails where you can walk your pet. If you noticed that pets get more amenities than kids, you are correct.

It’s not for everyone but TGO has positively rewritten my personal definition of camping.

The interior of one of our RV executive suites. You can rent this one for all or part of the year. Friend me on Facebook for details. 

This is our other RV site. Wood floors, upgrade counter tops, glass shower, washer/dryer, and stainless steel appliances. It backs up to a canal for a lovely view. You can rent this one, too, but it costs more. Friend me on Facebook for details. Available with or without furniture. 

The Great Outdoors is in the middle of a nature preserve and hunting is not allowed. The animals grow up without fear of humans.

RV sites are mixed in with housing areas. Many who start out in an RV site eventually buy a house.

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