Throwing In The Towel On The Plumbing

After pretty much continuous leak problems, I threw in the towel on the camper plumbing.

After replacing yet another leaking section I finally threw in the towel on the flexible plumbing in the camper. I’m going to hire a professional, install a real shower with a pan, and redo the entire piping system.

The only part of the plumbing that has worked flawlessly so far is the drain system. As long as the camper is level, it all drains very nicely and, because I used backwash hose in part of the drain line, none of the septic gas back-flows into the camper. I worked on the plumbing, by myself, for weeks. Only to have the water leaks continue.

I Hate Plex

I tried using flexible Plex piping for the water lines but that was a disaster from the very start. That’s the flexible piping you can find at almost any big box hardware store. I could never get it to stop leaking. The only way I could get the leaks stopped was cutting it out and replacing it with PVC. At a certain point I reached the conclusion that water leaks were going to be an ongoing problem and decided to just cut my losses. We’ll be replacing all the flexible pipe with PVC.

Hiring a Professional

So far the only real bulletproof component of the build has been the electrical system. And it is awesome. We had a chance to test it at a real campground and it worked flawlessly. We could run the A/C, water heater, TV, and microwave off a 30 amp connection without the slightest bit of trouble. That was the first system installed and I hired a professional contractor for the install. We got it all done in a day.

Whether it’s concrete, pavement, grass, dirt or gravel, you’ll want one of these mats for outside your camper door.

The Redesign

My idea for a shower pan almost worked but not quite. It worked great as a shower pan but it would never drain right. Part of the problem was putting the drain on the uphill side. For the life of me, I can’t look back and recreate what I was thinking. We’re going to replace the entire shower assembly with a side-drain shower pan and actual fiberglass shower stall.

My contractor was going to put a drain line through the floor for the shower, until he looked at the frame underneath. Cargo trailers are not built on camper frames and there’s just nowhere to run pipes underneath. Besides, then I’d have PVC piping exposed to the world of missiles and junk flying up from the highway pavement.

My new book is pretty awesome. Lots of great feedback coming in.

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