Camping Gems At Costco

The Camp Chef Tundra three burner stove shows up once a year at our Costco. It’s a nice unit. Lot of cooking area for big jobs.

During the time of year one would expect camper and boat shows, I was surprised to see our Costco rolling out camping supplies early this year. And some of what they’re putting out this year is pretty nice.

We are still in the midst of some of the best years for RV manufacturers in the last 60 years. The RV and camping business is booming. Here in South Florida, you can expect to book months in advance for your spaces. Even for daily spots, some campers are booking weeks in advance. For really popular campgrounds, like the one at Disney, expect to book months in advance and pay premium rates.

Since it’s going to be a couple more months before things thin out at the campgrounds, I figured this was a good time to go shopping for camping supplies. What I didn’t expect was to find them at Costco. I’m not certain these items are available at every store but here’s what I found.

Nexgrill Portable

This is a nice, well-made portable grill with a large bottle gas connector.

This nifty two-burner grill comes with a standard size propane connector for big bottles. It would be trivial to tap a grill like this into your RV or camper propane system. As much as I love our little Weber, this unit has some excellent features, including a built-in thermostat, heavy-duty grates and easy clean design. With Weber you’re paying a lot for the name.

Camp Chef Three Burner Stove

They had this one last year, too. It’s for people planning on doing the bulk of their cooking outdoors. While not conveniently portable, you can cook for a large group on this bad boy. It’s as big as a stove, lots of room, and easy to clean. I want one of these even though we never cook for that many people.

Gas Bottles

I also discovered our Costco had a large supply of 20 gallon propane tanks. To me it’s better to own them than use the swap tanks. Finding a refill station isn’t always convenient but it’s better than the little disposable bottles which seem to cost more every year and empty out in one or two uses.

Camp Chairs

The folding, outdoor chairs you get at Costco are very sturdy and well made. We have gotten years of trouble-free use from ours.

Even though Costco carries canopies, Harbor Freight is still the champ for inexpensive canopies.

They also have outdoor canopies but the reigning champion of cheap canopies is still Harbor Freight. You can get a 10×10 on sale for $56. The last one we got has lasted over a year with regular use. The Coleman canopy we paid $200 for broke the third time we set it up.

Not everything Costco stocks is great, sometimes it’s just a bigger package of an okay thing. But they do seem to have a talent for positioning their store stock to be in line with current trends. And they do manage to find good quality products and deliver them at a fair price. I’m constantly surprised by how many things in our camper started at Costco.

Before you head out, read the book! It’s the best $2.99 you’ll ever spend.

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