Forget Small, Let’s Live Mobile Large

So far we’ve looked at ways to downsize a mobile lifestyle. Today we’re going the other direction.

Most of the articles at My House Has Wheels have been about downsizing. After living for years in a large, heavy camper, my tastes now run to smaller, lighter, less complicated campers and RVs. I also tend to be a value shopper and cost conscious. Today we’re going to throw all that out the window.

Today we’re going to go big. I mean really big. We’re going to forget about cost, forget about weight, forget about any shred of environmental responsibility. We’re going to create the Ultimately Big RV Life with a carbon footprint that would impress Exxon. Let’s start with the RV.

Step Up To Class A

Class A RV are coach-style RVs, typically with the engine in the back, also called a “diesel pusher” by us old timers. As the name indicates, they are usually diesel with engines that range from 350 to 450 horsepower. Those are big diesels. There are less expensive low-end Class As, some with gasoline engines. We’re not bothering with the small Class As today and prices for the big boys run anywhere from $250,000 to $600,000 and can be up to 45 feet long. Most sport a luxurious spaciousness that’s as big as many small apartments. In fact, at 300 to 400 square feet, with 3-4 big slideouts. Most Class As are limited only by regulations that say if they’re any bigger, they’re a house.

In a big Class A you can expect amenities like a double refrigerator, private master bath, stacked washer/dryer, leather furniture, a large or continuous hot water heater, big screen TV and upgrade tile floors. Class As utilize the 50 amp connector on the power box, and may have two to four large A/C units. All that power, all that room and all that luxury and you only have to go outside to put diesel fuel in it and empty the tanks.

Upgrade Local Car

You’ll need a car when you get to your destination and most Class A owners solve that problem by getting a vehicle they can either flat tow, like a Jeep Cherokee, or tow their local car either on a dolly or covered trailer. Now that’s a lot of metal going down the road and a lot of rubber, but money’s no object, right?

But You Can Still Have a House

This house has an RV garage, a regular garage for your car and another golf cart cubby around on the side.

So you have 400 square feet rolling, you still don’t have to settle for a regular space at a campground when you arrive. Campgrounds and RV parks are only for when you’re traveling. Why live like little people, when you can step up to full size vacation home, in a gated community, that even has a garage space large enough for Class A RV or 5th wheel? That way you have a special garage for your RV, a separate garage for your cars and even a special little garage for your golf cart. Prices for these homes run anywhere from the high six figures to the low millions. That’s a bargain for a vacation home compared to some places. Think of it as the Hamptons of the RV crowd.

RV living doesn’t have to be a cramped travel trailer in a state park. If you have the money it can be a rather luxurious lifestyle both on the road and in between.

In the old days going to the laundromat was a part of RV living. Today these small scale clothes washers make that drive a thing of the past.

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