Six Easy Upgrades For Next Camping Season

When it’s cold and dark that’s the time for thinking about upgrades for next season.

Camping season never ends in Florida but that’s not the case in most of the country. Many of you are dreaming of camping season even as the snow piles up outside your windows.

The off season is a good time to start thinking about minor repairs and getting ready for next year .If you have a new camper, here are some upgrades you might want to consider for next season. One caution: If your camper is brand spanking new, wait until your warranty expires before swapping out any major components.

Water Filter

Some of these get kinda crazy. We’ve seen people with a dual filter system attached to a full-size water softener on the outside of their 5th wheel. You don’t need anything that massive. If you need that level of purity, then get yourself a Berkey counter top water purifier. Off grid dwellers swear by this brand and my research supports their loyalty.

Otherwise, a simple water filtration system will usually do the job. Get the type that have a replaceable cartridge and not the type you toss the whole unit every three months.

Speaking of Water…

Most campers come with plastic faucets. Replace those. Even cheap kitchen and bathroom fixtures that you get at the store will work better and look nicer without adding much weight to your rig. Another plumbing replacement is getting a decent shower head. The plastic ones that come with the camper are flimsy, they twist easily and just look crappy.

Portable Ice Maker

Throw away those cheap, tiny ice trays and get a portable ice maker.

Take those dinky plastic ice trays, usually stuffed in a plastic bag with the refrigerator manual, and throw that useless trash right in the bin. Go spend $100 on a portable ice maker. It’ll be the best camper money you ever spend. Fill it up, plug it in and your unit will turn out tray after tray of ice in a fraction of the time it would take with cubes.

Upgrade Battery Charger

RV and camper manufacturers must go out of their way to find the worst, most battery-boiling chargers they can find. But this is one item I suggest you don’t replace yourself, unless you are very confident about how your RV is wired. Any description of what happened that might include the phrase “and that shorted the entire electrical system” is best left to professionals.

Surge Protector

You can add a surge protector to your power connector without being an expert.

You can get one of these without rewiring your camper. These will protect your camper from notoriously unreliable and twitchy campground electrical systems. But I can see the other side as well. Someone plugs in 50 amp service, maybe two or three at the same time powering up six to ten rooftop A/C units at once, any big power system is going to balk at that. Now run those lines all over a state park campground and the reliability issues are easier to understand. Take it upon yourself to protect your RVs electrical system.

Screen Door Grab Bar

A grab bar makes handling your screen door so much easier.

Some of us old timers remember when most campers came with these, but not for a while now. Without a grab bar you have to use that flimsy plastic door and twisty handle that bends when you pull on it. This addition will make your screen door work like they used to back in the day.

Winter may not be fun but there’s a new camping season waiting just a few months ahead. Now’s a perfect time to start tuning your rig for next year.


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