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MyHouseHasWheels.com is devoted to an understanding of full-time RV living and the lifestyle of living full-time in campgrounds and RV parks.  While humans have been traveling and sleeping in covered wagons since the beginning of recorded history, it’s only relatively recently that RVs and campers have gotten big enough and well enough constructed that living in them full-time has become a reality for many people.
Statistics on the number of people living full-time in their camper or RV are sparse because there’s no convenient way to locate or track full-timers and very few full-time RVers have a permanent address.  Yet still today, society and the machinery of government do not deal well with that type of spacial fluidity.  Governments at all levels want to fix you in a point of time and space and, by its very existence, full-time RV living defies that desire.
Even if they claim a domicile in one state, RVers may travel for months at a time, returning only long enough to touch base with family and renew their auto tags.  Even that can be done by mail and some RVers may be out traveling for years at a time.Within that subset of full-time RVers are a breed called “boondockers” who take the RV lifestyle a step further and camp on unmanaged government land for months at a time.  That lifestyle is farther than my wife and want to go, but for some people it fits both their personality and temperament.
The mobility lifestyle also encompasses more than those living in RVs and campers, but also includes people living on their boats, so called “live aboards”.  While we may differ in the type of vehicle we live in, we struggle with many of the same issues of residency and domicile.
While we have met people who adopted the RV lifestyle for financial and health reasons, by far the most common are people who adopted the RV lifestyle by choice.  They are people, like us, who went camping one day and never came back, except to sell their home and auction off most of their possessions.
If you’re thinking about RV living, we have put together a guide called My House Has Wheels, available at the Kindle Store.  As a supplement to that ebook, I’ll also post articles and topic expansions in the Articles section.  

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  1. Karl Flynt says:

    Very neat blog article.Thanks Again. Will read on…

  2. URL says:

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  3. ken tabor says:

    I read your book and enjoyed it.My wife and I have a 2008 raptor toy hauler and haul two honda ranchers 350s and kayak.Have you hear of any really good places to ride Atvs Thank You! Sarasota.Fl.

  4. Lydia Crew says:

    Enjoyed every bit of your blog.

  5. Kasen Rosner says:

    Awesome blog post.Really thank you!

  6. Lisa says:

    I’m considering downsizing and want to go full-timing. I am active duty Army and move every few years and would like one constant in my life. Have you met other military people in your travels? I enjoyed your book also.

    • administrator says:

      Hello, Lisa

      First let me thank you for taking on the mantel of service. Yes, we have met a few on-duty military people in our travels. If you don’t have kids, it’s a great option. You can move from duty station to duty station without the constant packing. Any RV park will do until you can find a more permanent location. The Navy base where I used to work had their own campground that was usually about half-full with full-time military. You can also opt for USACE facilities and many state parks that frequently give active duty military a lot of flexibility.

      The only potential downside is living somewhere up north in the winter. Many parks in northern states close shortly after Labor Day. You would need alternate housing for the winter and have your rig winterized for those assignments.

      I’d also recommend a mail service like Good Sam Mail so you’re not constantly changing your address every time you move.

  7. Janella Bayn says:

    This is really interesting, You are a very skilled blogger. I have joined your feed and look forward to seeking more of your fantastic post. Also, I’ve shared your web site in my social networks!

  8. BRAD says:

    Just read you ebook. Very practical advice for getting started living the full time RV lifestyle. I have owned three different RVs my latest being a toy hauler without slides and I love it. I agree simple is better and once I get out of Alaska we will be living the full timers life for a year or two. Again thanks for a great resource.

    • administrator says:

      Hi Brad,

      No slides on your toy hauler? That is unusual. I’m going to guess it’s a travel trailer style toy hauler and not a fifth wheel. I’ve seen those at RV shows and they look pretty roomy. A lot depends on how the interior is arranged but that big space in back is really nice to have!

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