Your Local Vehicle Strategy

This travel trailer is easily towable by a small pickup truck. You won’t have as much space but you’ll have more fun in a camper this size.

When you’re considering RV living your big choice will be the type of camper you’ll be living in. Your choices are travel trailer, 5th wheel or some type of motorized camper like a Class A or Class C motorhome. With a bewildering array of choices, that’s a tough decision all by itself. On top of that, you need something to drive or ride around town when you get there.

For vandwellers, your van is your local vehicle. The same is true for people full-timing in Class Bs, which are basically van conversions. Some people carry a scooter or bicycle to make quick trips to the store.

Absolutely get one of these and put right above your front leveling jacks. You’ll thank me later.

With travel trailers and 5th wheels you can use your tow vehicle to drive around town but that’s inconvenient at times and expensive all the time. That’s why you sometimes see a scooter strapped to a carrier on the back of 5th wheel. Then you don’t have to drive that giant hog of a diesel to the corner store for beer.

If you go with a Class A, then you’re going to be towing your local vehicle. That means flat towing with a specially made tow bar or a tow dolly. Not all cars can be flat towed with a tow bar (all four wheels on the ground). In fact, very few are towable with just a tow bar. More often you’ll need a tow dolly. A dolly looks like a two-wheel trailer. You drive your car’s front wheels up on the dolly and tow it that way. Some really cool dollies have a flat space to put your golf cart besides towing your car. Make sure your coach and tow hitch are rated for that much weight.

Another option is to trailer your car; a lot of people do that. Especially people who have nice cars. One time I saw this unbelievably tall custom trailer that carried a car AND a golf cart stacked on top of each other! That was a big trailer and must have cost a fortune. I even saw a bus conversion with a side entry garage for motorcycles. Now that’s living there and, if you have a million dollars to spend on a bus coach, you too can have a motorcycle garage in your giant bus conversion. Personally, I think that’s crazy but to each their own.

If you do a lot of traveling a Class A is awesome but hooking and unhooking your car will get old on a daily basis. For going places and seeing things, a half-ton towable camper is going be a lot more economical and convenient. You can drop your camper and run into town without spending $10 in diesel fuel.

Your local vehicle is definitely one of the big considerations for the RV lifestyle. Think about your options before you decide on what type of camper or coach to get.

The new print version is out! The lowest price I could put on it was $8.95, which is still worth it.

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