Small campers are great for boondocking but they’re not welcome at all campgrounds. Which seems old fashioned to me.

How small is too small? Where is your personal lower limit for features? Those are the questions I asked myself when I ran across Runaway, which advertises the smallest, lightest and cheapest mini-campers on the market. Their most expensive model, comes in at just $12,000. Most models are in the $3,000 to $5,000 range.

The company is located near Ocala, Florida, where my wife and I full-timed for a year in our fifth wheel. I don’t remember seeing the company back then and we were staying just a few minutes from their factory! Weird, huh?


There’s very little to go wrong with Runaway campers because they lack almost all the major systems of larger, most expensive campers. The A/C unit is a wall unit set into a frame in the front of the camper. A spare tire and interior shelving pretty much rounds out the feature list. My home-built cargo camper has more systems.


A quick setup screen room with some privacy panels adds instant space gives you a bug-free place to spend your days.

Living in something that small and simple means you’ll need some extra space in the form of a screen room. I applaud the choice of the Clam Quick Set shelter. That is an excellent quick set up shelter with an array of options. The only different choice I’d make would be one of the models that comes with a floor. As you can see in the video below there is ample room for living.

Boondocking In a Mini-Camper

Below is a really good video of someone who boondocks in a Runaway. Very interesting how she puts her mobile life together.

More About Runaway

Another interesting video about how mini campers are built. Notice how much automation goes into production. Automation is going to continue to expand the possibilities for small campers and improve the fit and finish and that’s a good thing.

When it comes to boondocking in a mini, I think that girl in the video may be braver than me when it comes to staying alone out on BLM land. I’d have an arsenal and would still be paranoid. She makes it go with a couple dogs. Girl’s got grit, I’ll give her that.

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