About My House Has Wheels

My wife and I adopted the full-time RV lifestyle as a convenient mechanism to move from one state to another.  Somewhere between selling our house and getting rid of all our stuff, we lost the desire go back to the homeowner lifestyle and discovered we were perfectly content living in our RV.The years we have been on the road have taught us many lessons, including a few hard ones.  In my research into the full-time RV lifestyle I noticed there were many sources of good information, but they were incomplete and scattered all over.  To that end I started an ebook called My House Has Wheels(Amazon Kindle Store) to try and encapsulate what we’ve learned in one place.Like an old chuck steak, the more I chewed on My House Has Wheels, the bigger it got.  It currently dwarfs most other ebooks and still there were many sections that were only thinly covered.

To help fill in some of those gaps we started this web site.  Here we’ll put corrections, expansions, and additional material that didn’t make it into the book.  I would really encourage you to start by going through the book.  It’s only $2.99, so it won’t break the bank.  And it will give you a good base of information and terminology to start with when reading the articles on this site.

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